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Karen Jane Anderson Wornick

Karen Jane Wornick

1942 - 2013

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She was known as "Cookie" to many of us, a nickname her Dad gave her as a child that more or less stayed with her throughout life. She had a heart of gold and loved her own family, and the rest of us -- her extended family and friends -- from the depths of that shining heart. Her laugh was as contagious as her love. We miss you already, Cookie.

Birthday in a Lighthouse!

To celebrate his 60th birthday, the family of Roy Anderson lit things up in a big way!

On one of the snowiest days of the season, they stayed at the historic 30 Mile Point Lighthouse, located in Golden Hill State Park, Barker, NY, on the shore of Lake Ontario.

Here are the photos! Click the lighthouse below to see them.

30 Mile Point Lighthouse, Barker, NY

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For more information --

Click 30 Mile Point Lighthouse to learn more about the park and lighthouse.

Click The Lighthouse Brochure to read a copy.

Paula & John

Here's a recent photo of Paula and John Frey...

Paula & John Frey

Colorful Autumn

Amazement Happens

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Evangelical Covenant Church of Buffalo

Originally a church of Swedish immigrants, the Evangelical Covenant Church of Buffalo, NY, was established in 1890, and after 122 years of ministry in three physical locations in that city, it will close it's doors on October 14, 2012.

The Covenant Church was something of an extended family for many of us, and the warm memories associated with it are family memories mingled with spiritual encouragement that linger, even for those of us who moved away many years ago.

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Evangelical Covenant Church Buffalo NY

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Jack & Linda Leman family

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Jack and Linda Leman family

Jack Leman is the eldest son of John and May (Anderson) Leman. He and Linda live in California where they enjoy life together, especially when the family gets together, like this.

Norman & Lucy Anderson
Celebrate 65 Years Together

Norm & Lucy Anderson 2011

Norm and Lucy Anderson celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary, June 23, 2011.

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The Nicholsons

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The Nicholsons

A reunion of the descendants of Bill & Ruth (Anderson) Nicholson brought the family together to celebrate each other, and especially Bill Jr.'s recovery after a nasty fall from a ladder that resulted in a long convalesence.

Remembering Clara

Clara Anderson Havens Franklin Tooke - MOM 

One hundred years ago, December 28, 1908, was Mom's birth date.  She passed on just a few years ago. We all loved her, and miss her.

Check out a few of Mom's Recipes!

And here's a video you won't want to miss --

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The Last Rose of Summer

The Last Rose of Summer

Follow the Last Rose of Summer from bud to fallen petals.

It's said that toward the end of his life, the Buddha gathered his close disciples in a circle around him as he often did. He picked a lotus flower from a pond close by and simply held it up before them without saying a word.

One of the disciples simply smiled and laughed.

The Buddha entrusted his teaching to that disciple.

You can view these photos as a slideshow with musical accompaniment, or as a photo album if you prefer to linger over some of the images a bit more.


We all need quiet, reflective moments. In the golden days of late Summer, a walk on the wild side is indeed such a refuge.

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Refuge -- a musical slideshow


A Celestial Palace Full of Deities.

You ask why I live in the mountain forest,

And I smile and am silent,

And even my soul remains quiet;

It lives in the other world

Which no one owns.

The peach trees blossom.

The water flows.

-- Li Po

Allen Anderson -- 1925 - 2011

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Allen Anderson passed away on March 14, 2011.

Allen Anderson and music went together like peanut butter and jelly. For many years, Allen worked for Wurlitzer. One of his jobs was tuning the reeds and adjusting the volume of each note, so that they were all the same, relative to each other.

 He left Wurlitzer eventually and went to work at Forest Lawn Cemetery, a major cemetery located between Delaware and Delevan Avenues in Buffalo, NY, around 1966, starting off as bookkeeper, then assistant treasurer, then treasurer, finally vice-president/treasurer.  He retired around 1983.

While working at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Allen and a fellow-worker, Theron Miller, wrote The Lawn --

 The Lawn

When your heart is still, and breath is gone,
The place for you is Forest Lawn.
 When your time is up, and you're ready to go, 
Dial eight eight five one six oh oh.
They'll keep you nice and dry on a shelf, 
When you've made an ash of yourself. 
Or you can keep old Dad in a  mausoleum, 
Where you can come any time to see him.  
But if you want to be in the ground, 
They still have plenty of that around.

-- Allen Anderson and Theron Miller 

Allen built his own pipe organ, installing it in his home, pipes in the basement, chimes in the living room, and the organ console in the family room. He also collected hundreds of old piano rolls, and of course also had the old player piano to play them.

Allen also was self-employed in the pipe organ service and tuning business.  He worked on a number of area church organs, such as Deerhurst Presbyterian Church, Tonawanda United Methodist Church, and of course, his own church, Salem United Church of Christ.

There are photos of Allen in and his family in the
Axel Anderson (Allen's father) album.


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