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Ken Havens in Vietnam

Before Vietnam

Ken Havens

Ken grew up in western and central New York State. He attended Stockbridge Valley High School, was involved with a small band, and loved farming. He graduated from Morrisville Agricultural & Technical College (now called Morrisville State College) in Morrisville, NY.

  • Growing Up

    Kenny Havens

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  • Kenny and Me

    By Jan Powers

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Ken's Vietnam Photos

KEN1969.jpg (190815 bytes)

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Dear Mom...

This is a collection of scanned images, page-by-page, of Ken's actual letters to Mom...

Ken's letters from Vietnam

Click on the envelope to open the letters --

Letters from Ken

LZ Jamie

Ken with NY State flag

Ken is pictured above just after receiving his New York State flag from home.

The photo above is courtesy of Lee Dworshak, one of Ken's squad members, pictured here in 2008.


Bob Kolling & Lee Dworshak

Bob Kolling (left), another one of Ken's Vietnam buddies, with Lee Dworshak (right) in 2006.

Bob KollingSad Day

Click the link above or the image to the right to read Bob Kolling's eye-witness account, including his friendship with Ken and the events on the day Ken died.

Here is a tribute to Bob from his hometown:
Honoring Woodbridge (IL) Veterans: Bob Kolling

Bob passed away at age 65 in 2014.

Charles Lindsey in VietnamCharles Lindsey

Charles Lindsey, medic who was with Ken the night he died.




Bobby MorganBobby MorganBobby Morgan

One of Ken's Vietnam buddies.



Ken's Movies

Before leaving for Vietnam, Ken bought an 8mm movie camera to record some of his experiences. After finishing a 50-foot roll of film, Ken would have it sent to Mom after  processing. When he failed to return, this film record became especially precious.

The movies of daily life at and around LZ Jamie  were digitized a couple years ago. Now, Ken's movies are on YouTube for the world to watch. They have been divided into Part 1 and Part 2 for you to watch, years later.

Ken Havens in Vietnam -- Part 1


Ken Havens in Vietnam -- Part 2


More recently, Ken's original 8 mm films were loaned to and restored by Lou Reda Productions for inclusion in the film series, Vietnam in HD, broadcast by the History Channel. Ken appears in one of the early scenes, as well as further into the production, along with various other selected scenes from his movies.

Vietnam in HD


Honoring Ken Havens

Project 365 Vets is a blog run by two mothers who have chosen to honor a veteran every day by telling a little bit of each person's story.

 Honoring Ken Havens -- Ken was remembered on February 11, 2012.

Visiting the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC, Lily Cooke points to Ken's name engraved on the wall.

Vietnam War Memorial engraving Kenneth G Havens

Click the image above to enlarge.

Ken's Resting Place

Bob Havens created a page of information, along with several photos of Ken, at the Find-A-Grave Web site.



On the Road...

Russ served ten years in the Navy, Bob spent six years in the Air Force, and in the late 1960s, when U.S. involvement in Vietnam was at its peak, Ken was drafted.

Ken served with the 1st Air Cavalry Division: Company E, 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry. He was sent to Viet-Nam in May, 1969, at Landing Zone Jamie at the time of his death.

Jack Kerouac, the well-known author of On the Road, died on October 21, 1969. It was on that same day that Ken was killed while on a reconnaissance mission.

Not only did Ken's life end at only 23, the lives of all who knew and loved him were forever changed.

This page is dedicated to Ken and all Vietnam soldiers.