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Family Octoberfest!

Autumn in New England -- It's colorful leaves, the smell of a woodstove on a cool evening, apples and cider, and good food. It all gets thoroughly mixed up with family love flowing freely, whether playing, eating, or just sitting together.

 There's just something about being WITH loved ones, both family and friends, and everybody in between.

Ah, yes...Autumn in New England...sigh!

Click the video below to catch a glimpse.

If your Internet connection is good, you can watch it in HD by choosing 1080 or 720 from the list when you click on the gear symbol. You can also watch it directly on YouTube, if you prefer.


Our History

Family Reunion July 1984
Family Reunion -- July 1984
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The Havens Family Web site contains a variety of photo albums and written materials designed to reflect the lives of the descendents of Frank and Julia Havens and Anders and Godfreda Anderson.

Originally, in the early and mid-1900s, both families lived in the city of Buffalo, New York, within blocks of each other. The Havens had lived in western New York State for generations. The Andersons were newcomers from Sweden and Norway.

Gradually, as the children grew up and left home the families spread from coast to coast. We try to pull them all back together here so we can share the love with you and with each other.

Got coffee?So grab a cup of coffee, settle back in that easy chair by the window, and catch your breath. Whenever you're ready, check out the old family album or some of the newer photos and other items here in the cabin.

We hope you enjoy your visit and come back again real soon. We'll be right here at the front door watching for you.


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