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A Bridge to Somewhere ELSE

This is a second part to "A Bridge to Somewhere" (see below). It's a walk to another section of the same San Diego neighborhood, one with a view from the Laguna Mountains in the East to the Pacific Ocean in the West. A nice walk on a May afternoon.

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A Bridge to Somewhere ELSE...

A Bridge to Somewhere Else

A Bridge to Somewhere

San Diego has many fascinating neighborhoods that encourage walking, and some even include footbridges as access points, including this one along a canyon rim dotted with unique homes, many in the popular Craft style of 1920's San Diego.

I found and walked what seemed like a poetic stroll through a time tunnel or wormhole, back to the 1920s, and even found Andersons and Johnsons, as well as Vermont.

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cross over the bridge

A Bridge to Somewhere

For additional information about the University Heights neighborhood, click here and here.

A Friendly Afternoon

Keeping in touch with old friends is one of life's great pleasures, and birthdays are frequently the justification, although the reason is something much deeper than some day of the year.

Mitra, Wendy, Rod, and Betty visited Russ and we once again discovered the pleasure of friendship, simply by sharing conversation, a meal, and a short walk around an often interesting neighborhood.

Here are a few photos and one short video of A Friendly Afternoon.

A Friendly Afternoon

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Our History

Family Reunion July 1984
Family Reunion -- July 1984
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The Havens Family Web site contains a variety of photo albums and written materials designed to reflect the lives of the descendents of Frank and Julia Havens and Anders and Godfreda Anderson.

Originally, in the early and mid-1900s, both families lived in the city of Buffalo, New York, within blocks of each other. The Havens had lived in western New York State for generations. The Andersons were newcomers from Sweden and Norway.

Gradually, as the children grew up and left home the families spread from coast to coast. We try to pull them all back together here so we can share the love with you and with each other.

Got coffee?So grab a cup of coffee, settle back in that easy chair by the window, and catch your breath. Whenever you're ready, check out the old family album or some of the newer photos and other items here in the cabin.

We hope you enjoy your visit and come back again real soon. We'll be right here at the front door watching for you.


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